Flinders Polymarble Square

Shower Bases

Product Code: N/A

The Flinders Square Shower base is made from Polymarble – a hard-wearing, solid, fully-moulded material ideal for bathroom surfaces.

Shower Screen Compatibility: Flinders


  • No grout and no joins, easy to clean
  • Choose from 2 or 3 sided 17mm built-in lips
  • Fully integrated waste

RRP $291.50$776.60 inc. GST

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Product CodeItemSizePrice
SB17CWSquare C/O820x820 White$291.50
SB15CWSquare C/O820x820 White Dbl. E.$291.50
SB28CWSquare C/O900x900 White$291.50
SB19CWSquare C/O900x900 White Dbl. E.$291.50
SB48CWSquare C/O1000x1000 White Dbl. E.$425.70
SB16CWSquare R/O820x820 White$291.50
SB1LCWSquare R/O820x820 White LH Ret.$291.50
SB1RCWSquare R/O820x820 White RH Ret.$291.50
SB26CWSquare R/O900x900 White$291.50
SB2LCWSquare R/O900x900 White LH Ret.$291.50
SB2RCWSquare R/O900x900 White RH Ret.$291.50
SB40CWSquare R/O1000x1000 White$425.70
SB4LCWSquare R/O1000x1000 White LH Ret.$425.70
SB4RCWSquare R/O1000x1000 White RH Ret.$425.70
SB6RCWRectangle C/O1220x900 White RH Ret.$425.70
SB6LCWRectangle C/O1220x900 White LH Ret.$425.70
SB41CWRectangle C/O1220x900 White$425.70
SB32CWRectangle R/O1220x820 White$425.70
SB34CWRectangle R/O1220x900 White$425.70
SB3LCWRectangle R/O1220x900 White LH Ret.$425.70
SB3RCWRectangle R/O1220x900 White RH Ret.$425.70
SB33CWRectangle R/O900x1220 White$425.70
SB5LCWRectangle R/O900x1220 White LH Ret.$425.70
SB5RCWRectangle R/O900x1220 White RH Ret.$425.70
SB37CWRectangle R/O1500x900 White$776.60